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RPS updates patient safety standards

Implementation will demonstrate a patient safety culture in all pharmacy teams, says the RPS.

24 Apr 2024 , 2 Min Article


New patient safety alert issued concerning GLP-1 shortages

Supplies of the diabetes drug class not expected to return to normal until the end of 2024 at the earliest.

05 Jan 2024 , 2 Min Article

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Medication safety

Patient safety: part five

Part five of this series looks at patient involvement and safety campigns.

14 Jan 2021 , 3 Min Module

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Medication safety

Patient safety: part four

The fourth module in this series looks at patient safety, reporting and analysis.

11 Dec 2020 , 6 Min Module


MHRA launches Covid-19 Yellow Card reporting site

The MHRA has launched a new Yellow Card reporting site specifically for Covid-19 healthcare products.

05 May 2020 , 1 Min Article