The Professional Standard - January 2024

This edition covers safeguarding learning, the NHS Blood Pressure Check Service (England stores only), scan technology and more.

Audit trail for The Professional Standard

It is important that all pharmacy team members read and understand the contents of The Professional Standard. Please ensure that you take the time to read this edition of The Professional Standard and implement what you have learned into your practice. Please note, if you read the edition in full on Pharmacy School, there is no requirement to sign the paper copy in store.

Pharmacist Support - the profession's charity

Pharmacist Support is an independent charity supporting pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists, trainees and pharmacy students. They provide a wide variety of free and confidential support services, including Information and Enquiries, Specialist Advice, Financial Assistance, Addiction Support, Counselling and Peer Support, and the Wardley Wellbeing Service. Further information is available here. Pharmacist Support can be contacted by emailing or by calling 0808 168 2233.

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